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From baby making to babygirls, you'll find a bit of whatever melts your panties in this ode to Father's Day. From five of your favorite steamy, safe authors (and one hot newbie) come a group of six stand alone books dedicated to Daddy's everywhere. You will get your fill of everything from alpha men focused on securing a baby in their woman to filthy Daddy Doms. So, hold Daddy's hand and see what's in store!

What does it mean to be HIS? June 5th

The moment we meet, I know shes everything I ever wanted.

And when she tells me her fantasies theres nothing that will stop me from making them come true.

She asks me to play her baby-daddy and wants the role of my wife.

Ill give into her domestic kink after all, shes a virgin determined to get her cherry popped -- and with a body as delicious as hers, I know Ill need another taste.

We share one unforgettable night and make plans for plenty more but then she disappears into thin air.

No trace.

No name.

All I have is the memory of her innocence and the belief that what we had was real.

Nothing will stop me from finding her.

She's my everything ... and Ill make sure she never forgets it.

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She is the only thing hes ever wanted, and the one thing he cant have. But one hot night, everything changes. For both of them.

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One bite of the tofu chipotle burger at his latest venture capital investment and Rueger Marshall is hooked. But not on the food. On the sweet and clumsy waitress that is also about to find out just what it means to be his babygirl. Just what it means to follow the rules.

Lexi Chase has three misdemeanors and a new probation mentor shes supposed to meet. Her job at the vegan deli doesnt hold much promise, until the day the man with the lumberjack beard and the handmade suit sits in her section and teaches her about destiny.

Can Rueger ever come to grips with the fantasies of Lexi wide eyed, looking up at him with the name Daddy on her lips? Or will questions of hidden agendas and a stack of incriminating photos end their fairytale before it can start?

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Dog walking was supposed to be Katies easy third job.

When she answered the ad, she had no idea shed be working for Clay The Grinch Colsonrecently retired baseball superstar. Hes every bit as intimidating as the scowl hes famous for, and Katie believes the rumors shes heard about how mean he is are trueuntil she sees him with his overgrown, crazy Boxer, Dixie.

Lucky Katie gets completely unexpected, front-row seats to a side of Clay the tabloids never captured. Every. Single. Morning. And the more shes exposed to his gruff affection, the more she cant help thinking theres so much hiding behind that scowl The more she wonders what shed have to do to have him call her his good girl.

Every morning, the sexiest woman hes ever seen comes to his house and calls him Daddy. Sure, shes his dog walker, but that doesnt mean she has the right to sashay into his world every morning, plant that saucy little gaze on him, and say, Good morning, Daddy.

Now thats all he can think aboutbeing her very dirty daddy.

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Hawk Larson left small-town Indiana to become one of the most famous quarterbacks on the planet, throwing winning passes for the Bears and living the dream. Life looked picture-perfect from the outside, but after five years, he still can't shake the memory of the one thing he left behind...the girl who owned his heart and crushed it one fateful night. 

After an injury benches Hawk for good, he returns to the town he left, confronting the past and running headfirst into an unexpected future.

Life hasn't been easy in the five years since he left, and Morgan Quinn isn't the same girl she once was, her luscious hourglass curves and stubborn streak the only reminders of everything he left behind. She still rattles him to the core and leaves him craving more, but Morgan has a secret. A secret that may change the game for good. 

Warning: When Hawk finally sees his Morgan again, he isn't sure if it's love or hate he's feeling, until fireworks fly at first touch and passion overcomes reason, leaving Hawk with the realization that he must protect his girl at all costs.

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Ive known Braxton my whole life.

Hes older than me, but Ive loved him since I knew what that meant. And when I see him again after years of being apart, I dont want to stop myself from telling him how I feel.

He might be my fathers good friend, and nearly two decades older than me, but hes all I want.


I first realized I loved Moira when she was eighteen years old. Now two years later Im back in her life and that affection has grown tenfold.

Its smart to stay away, but I cant. I wont.

Ive been celibate because I only want her. Its time to man-up and tell Moira that shes been mine for years, even if she didnt know it.

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